"Prepare for opportunities, don't wait for opportunities to take you by surprise"

Indonesia is one of the world's fastest developing economies, with a burgeoning consumer market driving its economic expansion. While growing affluence brings with it a taste for foreign goods, Indonesia's government is focusing on vital infrastructure development to aid both domestic and international trade. As a result, Indonesia offers a wealth of business opportunities - provided that potential suppliers approach this promising market in the right way. 

Indonesia Webinar 
Our panel of experts in international commerce based in London, Indonesia and Singapore cover the opportunities and the logistics of trading in Indonesia in a lively debate designed to help businesses make their mark in this unique country. The discussion is led by award winning financial journalist and broadcaster Adam Shaw. 

Trade successfully with Indonesia Guide

This is the sixth in our series on leading emerging markets, and looks at ten principles that those seeking to expand their sales strategy into Indonesia should follow, to avoid the many pitfalls of trading in untried territory.

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Indonesia Country Report
Indonesia's GDP will continue to grow above 6% a year in 2013 and 2014

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Adam Shaw

Award winning BBC financial
journalist and broadcaster