Trade successfully with Mexico


With many established markets deeply troubled by economic woes, austerity and falling demand, businesses are increasingly turning their attention to emerging markets for new sales opportunities. To support businesses in this venture, Atradius is publishing a series of reports on trading successfully with some of the world’s leading emerging markets.

'Trade successfully with Mexico', the seventh in the series, looks at ten principles that those seeking to expand their sales strategy into Mexico should follow to avoid the many pitfalls of trading in untried territory:

  1. Take advantage of Mexico’s Free Trade Agreements
  2. Get good local representation
  3. Understand the culture
  4. Don’t miss out on Mexico’s infrastructure opportunities
  5. Research the market – what are Mexicans buying?
  6. Choose the right payment terms
  7. Get the paperwork right.
  8. Make an impression
  9. Don't lose a good customer over a single disputed payment
  10. Know who you’re selling to

The report is also available in German, Dutch, French, Flemish, Italian and Spanish


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