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Economic Research - Most vulnerable countries to Chinese economic downturn - February 2015

A sharp Chinese economic slowdown will affect countries through their exports and commodity prices. Especially countries in Asia and Africa are vulnerable.

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Economic Research - Impact of oil prices and sanctions on Russia growing – February 2015

Russia managed to avoid a recession in 2014 despite mounting economic woes but US and EU sanctions are taking their toll. Investment, which was already quite week, has further eroded and oil prices, which have fallen from USD 110 to below USD 50 are pushing Russia towards a serious recession in 2015.

Nearly all Russian sectors are increasingly affected by the sharp downturn in Russian economic growth, Rouble devaluation, sanctions, lack of investment and mounting difficulties in the banking system. Businesses exposed to currency risks, that rely heavily on imports and which have high levels of external borrowing will likely be the most impacted. However the impact is expected to be felt broadly across many industries both in Russia and exporting to Russia.

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