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How do companies assess their chances and risks in a increasingly challenging environment? Where do new business opportunities exist? What are the major issues in international trade?  In this section you find Atradius surveys, studies and white papers on major developments and future trends in business and world trade.

economic outlook

Economic Research - Lithuania joins the euro – January 2015

Lithuania joined the euro on January 1st. This will improve financial integration and may stimulate investment.

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economic outlook

Economic Research -The benefits of a falling euro – January 2015

A cheaper euro benefits companies exporting to countries outside the Eurozone and may provide a boost to overall Eurozone economic growth.

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Credit management knowledge

Asia Pacific: businesses'

concern about  cash flow up

from last year

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Payments in the German food sector

take 30 on average

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Half of total value of

very old B2B receivables

lost by businessess in Asia Pacific

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Payments in Polish

Food sector take

45 on average.

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